Initiated JULY 2020, ONGOING

A first venture to the "other side" - Artistic Director and Development for a global network of international curators set up to foster collaborations and joint projects.

NOVEMBER 2020 - SEPTEMBER 2021 Essen, Germany

Following Stuttgart/Tel Aviv, WE_COSMOS examines the twin cities of Tel-Aviv and Essen, their streets, noises, smells, sounds and vibrational patterns. How "twin" are the two cities? Find out with us.

JULY 18 - SEPTEMBER 16, 2019 Stuttgart, Germany

‘STUTTGART / TEL AVIV - A PERFORMATIVE TRANSFER’ aims to open the perception of the city by overlaying and mingling different realities of cities, by offering a fictional-imaginary layer (audio input) as well as a kinesthetic experience (performative action). Stuttgart Tel Aviv Transfer is planned as an audio-performative urban intervention in Stuttgart

MARCH 2-9, 2019 Tel Aviv, Israel 

MAY 10-15, 2019 Stuttgart, Germany

In MEASURING THE PULSE the choreographers and performers Fabian Chyle and Claudia Senoner and the scientist and artist Michael Lazar conduct performative research around the interdependence of body, atmosphere and urban space. Together they measure and record the vibrations of urban space (Tel Aviv & Stuttgart) with different instruments, process them into 'soundscapes', develop choreographic and performative realization and bring them back into space through interventions.

NOVEMBER 4, 2017 Cologne, Germany

Six artists/scientists locked away for four days in a remote German city. 18 Skype international conversations. One performance...

ONGOING Cologne, Germany

An ongoing collaborative project with Monica van der Haagen-Wulff to explore and reconnect with the urban environment. The project includes urban interventions, research and teaching at the University of Cologne, Germany


In order to survive in the urban space, our brains have to be advanced filters, ignoring 95% of the so called distractions that surround us. All this, just to be able to focus on our day to day tasks. However, the city is full of hidden experiences that we tend to ignore. 

VIBROCITY is aimed at exposing the unseen, unheard and unfelt in the urban environment

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