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artistic statement


For years, as a professional sculptor, I was obsessed with motion, the need to capture a specific moment in time, to freeze the subject in mid-movement. During the last few years I have moved away from sculpture to more conceptual ideas with a focus on the combination between art and science. Today in my art, I regularly utilize scientific methods in order to produce artistic installations. I seek to unravel the connection between the development of scientific thought and artistic expression through projects that combine the two disciplines. Art is influenced by what we see around us. Like science, it is a means of exploring the world we live in, as well as a reflection upon it. Both are a way of looking at the world. Of interpreting what we see. One is based on mathematics. Both are steeped in the fundamentals of aesthetics. The artist, like the scientist, also seeks to portray the truth (as he or she sees it). But what happens when we are limited in our ability to see and experience the world? We are surrounded by sounds, sights and motion but the human brain is a wonderful tool that filters out the majority of sensory distractions that are all around us. This allows us to focus our attention on a specific task, whether it is the conversation we are having on a noisy street or the book we are writing in a busy Café. This is my starting point.

My art, like my science, deals with the earth. The earth beneath our feet preserves climatic and tectonic data that goes back hundreds of thousands of years. So in effect, the earth preserves memory. It preserves history. Just ask any archaeologist. And in history -  the victors try to obliterate all signs of the losers. Houses, memorials, temples are bulldozed in an attempt to erase signs of previous cultures. But this is on the surface only. The earth preserves memories. The vibrations... the energy is transmitted downwards and reverberations pass through the earth, interacting with the rocks and minerals and affecting them. Changing them. And that is what I look at in my art. My city-scapes are no more than the recording, transformation and portrayal of a modern archive - all the vibrations of the millions of people that walk, run, drive, fuck, argue, dance, place, sing, etc. at any given moment.




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