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MARCH 2-9, 2019 - TEL AVIV

MAY 10-15, 2019 - STUTTGART


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MEASURING THE PULSE was the research phase leading up to Stuttgart-Tel Aviv

In MEASURING THE PULSE we investigating the interdependence between humans, the urban atmosphere and urban spaces.


- How do atmospheres influence behavioral patterns between bodies?

- What kind of vibrations do bodies experience unconsciously in urban spaces? Do they embody them in the body and in its movements?

- How does ambivalence towards atmospheres show up in human bodies?

- How do bodies and atmospheres interrelate in urban spaces?

- How can we work artistically with the atmospheres surrounding us?


Looking at ways to research the phenomena artistically we are interested in:


- Which choreographic, compositional and artistic options are offered by the vibrations of the city?

- How can we use the acoustic translation of vibrations in performative ways in urban spaces?

- How can we make the relationship between humans and atmosphere physically tangible?


Our research is based on following assumptions:


- Local and global changes are interrelated. That is why we carried out research in two different cultural contexts.

- Our research process is conceptualized as a performative process. Our work space is the urban space. Our research is a performative act in itself.


Research was carried out over a two week period – one in Tel Aviv and one in Stuttgart. In both cities we:


- Measured and recorded the pulse of the city

- Made movement observations

- Translated our physical experience in movement sequences/actions

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