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In WE_COSMOS we investigate the interrelationship between bodies and environment: how they shape each other, influence each other, construct or negate each other.

WE_COSMOS takes place in the partner cities - the 'twincities' of Tel Aviv and Essen. We use the metaphor of the twins, who are 4652 kilometers  apart and yet connected, to underline that urban (and therefore human) spaces are no longer a local phenomenon. They are embedded in global, social, economic and political movements and processes. Each place has its specific cultural and ecological diversity and its specific pulse, which in turn is related to global choreographies. These are used unknowingly by people all over the world and perceived through the body. When we measure vibrations, we inevitably measure a blend of local and global movements in which all information of daily life is inscribed. WE_COSMOS deliberately takes place in two different places in order to discuss the interdependence of people and their surroundings and to be able to speak in a local context but with global references.

Our artistic project aims to make this mutual exchange visible and hearable. Our central point of departure and inspiration is the vibration of the urban space, which we measure, transform and develop into the WE_COSMOS ACTIONS: compositions, objects, choreographies and performances!

See summary from the Essen project here.

Publication about the Essen project can be found here.

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