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JULY 18 - SEPTEMBER 16, 2019


The project brings together the perception of two cities: Stuttgart and Tel Aviv. Recently both cities have been undergoing very similar processes. These are evident in two parallel and comparable urban undertakings, which will lead to tremendous urban transformation through vast construction projects.

  • Both cities are (or were) architecturally dominated by 1950/60 design, which came about from the need to construct housing quickly  – Stuttgart after being almost completely destroyed during WWII, and Tel Aviv as a result of being part of a recently established state. In both cities, these buildings are being replaced by huge complexes, offering a contemporary mix between offices, shops and (high priced) housing.

  • In both cities, a large construction project is underway to expand and improve public transportation – Stuttgart 21 and the Tel Aviv Light Rail. Both projects have disrupted life in the city, creating physical obstacles interfering with the natural flow of the city.


As a result of these developments there are many new consequences that local inhabitant now need to deal with: increased traffic jams, the altering of pathways (and therefore different time and space structures), pollution, noise etc.

Over the last few years the discourse around and in the city - and as a result, the perception of the city - was dominated by architectural change and its social consequences. ‘Stuttgart Tel Aviv Transfer’ aims to open the perception of the city by overlaying and mingling different realities of cities, by offering a fictional-imaginary layer (audio input) and a kinesthetic experience (performative action).  


The project addresses the following questions:

  • Is local urban development in fact intertwined with global development?

  • As inhabitants – can we experience the city differently by using kinesthetic freedom and approach the city‘s norms, rules and pathways more freely? And if one does so – does it contribute to the quality of life within in the city?

Stuttgart Tel Aviv Transfer is an audio-performative urban intervention in Stuttgart realized by the choreographers/performers Claudia Senoner and Fabian Chyle (Stuttgart) and the artist, performer and geoscientist Michael Lazar (Tel Aviv).

Between July 18th and September 13th, 2019, the audio experience will be accessible through a dedicated cellphone based webpage. The visitor can visit the audio walk anytime during the two months. The soundscapes combine:

• audiofiles recorded at specific locations in Tel Aviv

• audiofiles of geological wave transformed into sound/ music from these specific spots

• a spoken narrative (interviews) recorded at these location 


By using the “audio-input” the visitor will experience the city of Stuttgart through the acoustic world of Tel Aviv, which will alter his/her perception of the urban space in Stuttgart.

‘Stuttgart Tel Aviv Transfer’ will focus on increasing the awareness to change, to changing borders and boundaries, and most important to the freedom to use the urban space in different ways. 

During specific days the audiowalk will be accompanied by performances and choreographies by Claudia Senoner and Fabian Chyle. Their material will be developed along the same principal as the audiofiles: Movement-choreographies which are based on their physical experience being at the original spots in Tel Aviv, observed movement patterns and movement responses on the original spots will be developed in choreographies and physical encounters. Through this, the audience will get a multisensorial experience of their walk through Stuttgart.

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