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VIBROCITY PART 1: June 6-8th, 2019, The Refridgerator, Tel Aviv, Israel

We are surrounded by sounds, sights and motion but the human brain is a wonderful tool that filters out the majority of sensory distractions that are all around us. This allows us to focus our attention on a specific task, whether it is the conversation we are having on a noisy street or the book we are writing in a busy Café. This is my starting point for VIBROCITY - an ongoing project of urban research.  

State-of-the-art scientific equipment is used to measure the movement of cars and people walking, the movement of water coursing through the pipes in a building, the pulse of a city or a given place - all the hidden sounds and motions that we automatically filter out, yet are present at all times. The heart and center of New York City, Times Square, becomes my playground. The subway – that system of veins that transport over 4 million (!) people daily through the city, turns into my experimental canvas. These motions are translated into sound and visuals to create a multi-sensory experience for the viewer, who just by entering the room, interacts and changes the piece and thus becomes part of the work itself. 

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